1. You're My Girl


Girl on a date, go for the bait, just couldn't wait ...You got it
Loving your smile, digging your laugh, take a new path ...You got it
Touching your skin, stealing a kiss, fall into bliss...

Gonna tell you why I wanna be with you
Walking hand in hand on the avenue
And if I can't slow down it's because it's true
You're my girl, you're my girl!
When I sleep at night you are in my dreams
Cause you're the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen
And I can promise you, you'll be on the scene
As my girl, cause you're my girl!

You want a new car, you want a new style, and a new house ... You got it
You're my angel, sleep over nights, marks of your bites ...You got it
Petting your wings, starting to fly, give it a try


Open the door, dance on the floor... Do that!
Thrown on the bed, grabbing my head...Do that!
Ripping my shirt, lifting your skirt.... Do that!
Kissing my skin, it's not a sin do that, do that!