Hello World

I was born in Paris on May 26 .  My mother Nicole was a classical pianist and I heard music since I was conceived. I grew up  in a household where classical music was favored, but at age 14 after my 3 years of classical piano studies at home and at the conservatory, I discovered Rock & Roll.... and it was all over. 

In fact, the afternoon I saw WOODSTOCK, my life, my heart, my concept of musical freedom changed. Like many European kids I preferred songs in English.  I was listening to  Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and on and on, mainly English bands ... Needless to say I dropped the piano for the guitar. It was not only an anti-parental reaction but the tone and the feel of the electric guitar was burning in my hands and in my heart. 

I first came to the US in 1979 under the reign of Van Halen, Billy Idol, Prince, The Cars, Brian Adams, The Police, Pretenders and the likes. I lived near Sunset Blvd. the Guitar Center, Image Guitars, Max Guitars, Amp Crazy etc... the landmarks of Rock in Los Angeles. 

 I was involved in several bands in the 80's and 90's: The Deaners (1982), Shadow Banister (1984),  Solo project  ( Zave - 1985) then in 1990 I developed a Demo studio in North Hollywood called Eurosound with British partner Bass player Laurence Shipstone , the name was really appropriate. We helped many songwriters in many different styles of music for 3 years, ranging from  Rock, Pop, Jazz, Spanish pop, Hard Rock, Acoustic, R&B and more... to the point that two of our Artists almost got signed by a major.
Then I met singer/songwriter Steve Deluca and together we created two bands: Just Like That (1993) which became HeadSandwich (1995), a couple years we were offered a record deal with and indie label Damage Records out of Stuttgart (Germany), but ... life took us in another direction (kids and family).  

After a long lapse outside the music Industry in LA, I started composing and producing tracks for BMG & DL Music in Los Angeles. Four years ago, I moved to Nashville to explore new grounds and connect with great talents.

My favorite styles are Rock, Blues & Country (New and Traditional)  

As of today, I have written and produced dozens of new songs. I am well aware of my accent and looking forward to writing and producing with American singers (male and female). Please refer them to me as you see fit. Thank you

... more to come... Later