1. When the sun goes down and the stars, start to shine
I like the way you show me I 'm yours, and that you're mine
With that smile you will always, make the wrong things right
All you gotta do is kiss me, and rock me through the night

You got to know that I love you so
Love you more than you will ever know
And if you want me to hold you tight...Give me the night
You got me and you know it's true
Cause I only want to be with you
Give me love until the morning light... Give me the night.

2. You make me feel like my feet, are off the ground
It's a noisy world out there, but I don't hear a sound
Suddenly I 'm flying higher, higher than a kite
Pour gasoline on my fire, light me up like dynamite


My whole world changed the moment, I layed my eyes, on you
So don't make me wait any longer, now that I have found you...
So give me the night