1. Put Me Through
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Put Me Through

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My money is all gone, God knows you spent it fast
And since you broke my heart it is still in a cast
When we're out with friends, you always put me down
I don't understand why I still want you around

Still (Cause) after all you put me through,
I still want to make love to you

One day you wrecked my car, today you wrecked my life
Since I 've known you my world is filled with pain and strife
I feel like I'm walkin' on a high tension wire
Must be my addiction to run through your fire

There must be a way, to stop this ride
And break through this wall of pain
With you around my life goes down the slide
I'm gonna hurt, I'm gonna bleed, and I know that... Cause

Listen / there is something / I wanna say / to you
Every time / you're near me / you drive me crazy
and every day / and every night / you drive me out of my mind
But I gotta be there / I gotta touch you, gotta feel you near me
Gotta be with you, gotta be near you,
And you drive me crazy crazy .. But!