Ace, King, Queen, maybe a Joker,
I think I could be addicted to poker.

Late at night, I'm tossing and turning,
thought in my head that keeps on a' burning.
Can't erase this game...... from my head
Feeling's so strong, can't be tamed,
As I head on out, to play that game.

Whiskey's burning hot, in my gut,
Mojo rising as the cards, get cut.
My game is tight, 'n I won't give it away

Ace, King, Queen, maybe a Joker,
I can't think straight I'm addicted to poker.

Won my first hand, 'm playing for free,
take a long pull of my pal 'Jack D'.
For another chance to win, what will it take,
Ace, King, Queen, maybe a Joker,
loosing my savings, am addicted to poker.

Play that game no matter time, or place
Gim' me a good hand and I'll keep, the pace
So long as I don't lose my poker face.

Ace, King, Queen, never be a chocker
Sweet Lord I know I'm addicted to poker.